Mingo Press

Mingo Press

In-house and freelance copywriting for a variety of brands, businesses, and destinations. Clients include Mingo Press, Ben & Jerry's, Urban Outfitters, and Martin County, Florida.

Seasons Greetings from Mingo, Mingo Press

Aaaaaahhh. Smell that? It’s the scent of the season! We’re talking pine-needly goodness, cinnamon candles wafting through the air, peppermint everything, and fresh ink right off the print line. 


N is for No, Mingo Press

Want to know a secret? At Mingo, no is not a dirty word.

Truth be told, no is practically part of our company DNA! In fact, saying no might just be the best part of our day.


I is for I (and by I, we mean you), Mingo Press

Here at Mingo, we’re all about the I (and by I, we mean you).

In real life, when you have a question, you usually walk over to the person and ask it, or give ’em a call and get an answer. Either way, we’re pretty sure talking to a robot never comes into play.

Must Have Mingo Holiday Gift Tags, Mingo Press

Ready to stuff your stockings with Mingo? Grab those gift tags and go to town!


M is for Mail, Mingo Press

So you’re ready to feel the magic of Mingo for yourself, huh?
Marvelous! We’ll get it right to you.


G is for G7, Mingo Press

Around here, good printing aint nothing but a G thang.

Gee, I’m all about those colors! Good gravy, that embossing is everything! Geez, that finishing looks sweet

Could Happiness be the Key to Great Design?, Mingo Press

There’s nothing new about the link between happiness and creativity. Especially in the fields of technology, design and innovation, psychologists and thought leaders have been examining the link between our attitude and our ability to create for years. 

What makes you happy?, Mingo Press

Happiness is: _______.

A bunch of puppies fallin’ all over each other. 
A tight win in overtime. 
A fresh basket of warm, fluffy laundry (that someone else washed and folded for you).
Coming home to a warm meal.