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Original reporting on all things food and farming: from up-and-coming chefs to restaurant openings, food justice to local farming operations, food has become the passionate focus of my editorial work. 

Food + Drink

Original reporting on all things food and farming.

Thanksgiving with the Vegetarian, The Tulsa Voice

“Yes, but does she eat lard? Like, as an ingredient.” 

It’s a question I never thought I’d ask my brother: the barbecue-loving, Crossfit-obsessed, power investor libertarian, about his very serious new girlfriend: a levelheaded, cool-as-a-cucumber world traveler and vegetarian. And not just the trendy kind, either—a real-life, lifelong, vegetarian-vegan hybrid in the flesh.


10 Super Simple Tips To Help Ease You Into Vegan Eating Habits, Thought Catalog

So you’re thinking of going Vegan? Pretty bold choice, my friend. If you’re like me, and just woke up one day and decided it was a good day to become a vegan, try not to be too surprised when your plan goes off the rails. In the meantime, check out these 10 tips for toeing the waters of vegetarianism AND veganism to get you started.

 image - Judy Allen & Barry Jarvis

image - Judy Allen & Barry Jarvis

Harvest of a Lifetime, Edible Tulsa

I pull down a gravel road off Hansen Drive somewhere in the reaches of Broken Arrow after spending the better part of five minutes circling a square mile, trying to find the entry point to Thunderbird Farms. A quick Google search prepared me for a literal search: Don’t use your GPS!, the reviews said.

 image - Megan Shepherd

image - Megan Shepherd

Spirit of Infusion, The Tulsa Voice

A fellow cocktail sampler offers an apologetic smile after sipping the lavender-infused martini in front of her.

“Bubble bath?” she offers.  

A glance around the sunlit room detects consensus from a few dozen other sippers at The Vault’s infusion-themed Cocktail Class. The fragrant concoction isn’t a favorite this evening, but perhaps that’s the occasional price of experimentation.

 image - Brooke Allen

image - Brooke Allen

Bohemian Bombshell, Edible Tulsa

“That’s their punishment: mixing the raw meat. It’s real cold, so nobody wants to touch it.” She’s better known by Tulsa as Chef Teri Fermo, owner and executive chef of Bohemia Moveable Feast and Jezebel food truck. But to these burgeoning chefs, she’s simply Aunt Teri.

 image - Valerie Grant

image - Valerie Grant

Beyond Tea, The Tulsa Voice

Years ago, my boyfriend and I lived in separate cities and spent a lot of time dining out alone. One day, he called me with a confession. 

“Meg,” he said—half hesitantly, half excitedly—“I ate at a teahouse today, and it was freaking amazing.”

 image - Valerie Grant

image - Valerie Grant

Short-order showdown, The Tulsa Voice

Tulsa’s always had a healthy appetite for prefabricated fare, and diners abound. We lost longstanding breakfast staple Blue Dome Diner a few years ago, but downtown has rebounded with two new restaurants—both on the same street, both rising from the ashes of earlier concepts. 


Hitting the road, The Tulsa Voice

If you keep up with the Okie food scene, odds are you’ve by now heard of OKC’s foraging-focused supper club, Nani. Co-owners Andon Whitehorn and Collin Stringer have been delighting adventurous diners (and stirring up controversy) with their non-traditional model for the past year. Now, a lapse in their lease has them mobilizing for a handful of featured dinners and apprenticeships in select cities.


Turkey trouble, The Tulsa Voice

A local chef friend of mine said it best: “shit’s about to get real this Thanksgiving.”

A bad case of the avian bird flu has left cities across the country low on turkey this year. After killing off millions of turkeys to contain the epidemic, the shortage is hitting Tulsa hard this month. 

Prime Beef, The Tulsa Voice

I’d heard the rumors about JJ’s Gourmet Burger Café: the strict menu, the membership cards, the sizing up and turning away of underdressed patrons, the cash-only constraints, the bygone era of ‘70s swingers and drugged-out discos that used to happen upstairs, and the crass, glowering demeanor of the ex-hippie-turned-burger-Nazi himself, JJ Conley. JJ.


Good Libations, The Tulsa Voice

Tulsa’s steady revitalization has attracted (and been shaped by) inspired mixologists, sommeliers, craft brewers and new nightlife concepts. Local arts, music and cuisine have rounded out our eclectic bar scene to offer something for every taste and demographic, and plenty of substance for non-drinkers, as well. Though it’s not nearly comprehensive, here is our brief field guide to Tulsa bars.

 image - Evan Taylor

image - Evan Taylor

Hope's Comeback, Edible Tulsa

Hope Egan is a charming interview. Funny and affable, with frizzled red curls, she carries conversation with the effortless wit of a bartender. It makes sense, considering her long, storied past and many posts in the Tulsa restaurant landscape. Her inventive tastes, sharp cocktails, and cunning service know-how have been a beloved fixture in the Tulsa food scene for more than 28 years.  

 image - Valerie Grant

image - Valerie Grant

Bramble On, TulsaFood

Hope Egan, owner of the acclaimed Tallgrass Prairie Table, has added a companion concept next door with The Bramble, a luxurious downtown speakeasy specializing in locally-sourced, hand-crafted cocktails aptly coined “farm-to-bar.”

“It’s been really exciting for me to take my creative abilities as a chef and bartender and marry them together for The Bramble,” Hope explained.

 image - Carlotta Tiews

image - Carlotta Tiews

Cooking up a Future, Edible Tulsa

One bite into a sharp, peppery sprig of basil from the Platt College culinary program’s edible garden confirms my long-held belief that fresh tastes better. Luckily for this culinary program, fresh is the name of the game.

 image - Brooke Allen

image - Brooke Allen

Fisher Farms, Edible Tulsa

The Fisher Farms story is one that, to many agrarians, probably treads along the lines of a fairy tale. There’s lore, tradition, romance, perseverance and little magic in the mix. But to really understand what makes Luke and Chantée Fishers operation so special, you’ve got to go all the way back to the beginning, to the roots—dirty and gnarled, buried deep in the soil.


East meets West, The Tulsa Voice

As I walk into The Rising Sun near 11th and Harvard, a too-loud door chime cuts through the afternoon quiet. I’m the only person in the restaurant. The space, flooded with natural light, is especially peaceful for a lunch hour, having not yet been discovered by the hoards of college students across the street. At least for the time being, The Rising Sun, Tulsa’s newest Japanese restaurant, sits squarely under the radar.

South of the Border Flavor in South Tulsa, TulsaFood

The newest Tulsa addition to the McNellie’s group comes via El Guapo’s Southside, a southtown iteration on Tulsa’s beloved downtown cantina. Located at 81st & Harvard in the Walnut Creek Shopping Center, El Guapo’s exterior is deceiving. From the outside, it looks somewhat nondescript, but step inside and you’ll find rich, vibrant colors, exceptional design, and of course, a killer menu.


Fassler Hall Steins and Dines Tulsa, TulsaFood

Chances are, if you’ve spent a little time in the downtown Tulsa bar scene, you’ve had more than a few good beers at Fassler Hall–and maybe a bratwurst and a few duck fat fries, too. But if you haven’t spent a ton of time at Fassler Hall, you might be missing some of its finest offerings. 

Sugarcoated Corn Derivative, The Tulsa Voice

It’s 11 p.m. and way too late to eat, yet I find myself wandering through the grocery store, red-eyed and ravenous, looking for something to cure my craving. I accidentally turn down the breakfast aisle and a rainbow of brightly colored boxes hits my eyeballs and pulls at a memory. I’m suddenly 8 years old again, hanging on to the front of my mom’s grocery cart as we careen toward my mecca—the cereal section.

 image - Brooke Allen

image - Brooke Allen

The Oklavore's Dilemma, Edible Tulsa

Shop local. Eat seasonally. Locally owned. Keep it local.

These phrases pop up on T-shirts, burlap shopping sacks, advocacy campaign messaging and in every other corner of the current culinary conversation. In today’s food conversation, local food is certainly on trend.


Eat Local Breakfast in Tulsa Every Day of the Week, Edible Tulsa

We've all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it is! Despite needing something hearty to kick-start our mornings, it can be hard to find quality meals in a rush. Lucky for you, we've found eight Tulsa restaurants that serve quick, easy, locally-sourced breakfasts, so you can eat well every morning of the week.

 image - Barry Jarvis

image - Barry Jarvis

Oklahoma Weather and Pecan Production, Edible Tulsa

Just southwest of Tulsa along Polecat Creek is a not-so-little plot of flat bottomland that stretches across hundreds of lush, green acres. It is here that we find Knight Creek Farms, a family-owned and -operated native pecan grove that’s been supplying nuts to Creek County since 1986.

 image - Megan Shepherd

image - Megan Shepherd

The New Local, The Tulsa Voice

Juniper opened four years ago with warm reception to Chef Justin Thompson’s farm-to-table, locally sourced ethic. But Thompson decided that a local focus wasn’t enough to define the restaurant’s identity. This month, Juniper unveiled a freshly remodeled space and new French-inspired menu.

 image - Megan Shepherd

image - Megan Shepherd

Sensory Overload, The Tulsa Voice

Millicent Brasserie a bizarre curiosity. The new multi-sensory restaurant, hidden behind the humble façade of a non-descript Broken Arrow strip mall, treads dangerously close to an acid trip, with just enough over-the-top class to keep it grounded in high dining.


New in Downtown: STG Pizzeria and Gelateria, TulsaFood

Back in November, I spent a month bumming around Europe. While in Italy, I took dining to a new level, justifying taste after snack after meal, and refused to feel bad about it. I was convinced the pizza, gelato, and wine were so much better than anything I could get back in the States, and was sure I wouldn’t taste those tastes again anytime soon.

Eat Global, The Tulsa Voice

After telling an out-of-town friend about Tulsa’s bustling food scene, I ate my words when he asked me, “any good African food?”

I couldn’t think of a single place. It seemed that Tulsa’s culinary options weren’t nearly as progressive as I’d thought.


Where to Eat in Downtown Tulsa Before the Garth Brooks Concert, TulsaFood

Oklahomans will flock to Tulsa this weekend and next for the holy grail of country music concerts—two entire weekends with Garth Brooks and his hunnie, Tricia Yearwood. Before you get rowdy at the show, remember to put some food in your belly. Not sure where to eat? We’ve got a list of places to check out before the concert for every taste and budget.