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Ghosts of the Midway, This Land Press

I pull into the gravel parking lot on a bleary, sleeting morning. An Oklahoma sheriff keeps watch from a corner parking space, while a woman moves from car to car offering to clean windows for quarters. The sheriff doesn’t seem to mind. A man sleeps on himself a bit out of view. Horns blowing from the crisscrossing train tracks behind me catch my attention, and I look back to see the Route 66 arch and the Crystal City marquee. I am in the right place.

Behind the Nib, The Tulsa Voice

“Oh, man. Would you like another one?”

The barista in front of me motions to the broken chocolate bar at my feet, offering his condolences over the shatter. The bar’s Willy Wonka-esque orange foil wrapper slid right out of its paper exterior to a sad chunked reality on the floor, apparently as delicate as glass. I was surprised by the bar’s fragility then, but after touring “Chocolate” with associate curator Mark Dolph, I know to expect nothing less. 

Face to Face at Polyface, Edible Tulsa

The bright, cold air of the Shenandoah Valley welcomes us as we step out of the car at Polyface Farm (“farm of many faces”). All around me, as far as the eye can see, are the purple-tipped Blue Ridge mountains, dotted at their bases with flourishes of green and wildflowers. The whole scene might be out of a Wendell Berry daydream.


Local Shipping, The Tulsa Voice

A project from development company Nelson + Stowe, The Boxyard is one of the few places in town where you can tinker around in a science shop, tweak out on craft coffee, grab gourmet waffles, fill up your water jugs, shop ’til you drop, then give your barking dogs a rest at a neighborhood foot massage parlor, all in one fell swoop (and 17,000 square feet). In other words, it’s awesome. Here’s your pocket guide to Boxyard and a few of its curious, quirky shops.